Overview for Hearing Problem and Loss

Hearing problem and loss might occur gradually or due to a sudden situation. The hearing problem might be mild or severe, temporary or permanent depending on what caused the problem. Some people are born with congenital hearing loss. Today however, we are only going to discuss hearing problem or loss caused gradually over time.Hearing problems might happen to individuals of all ages so children are no exception. Some people might not even realize the problem because they are in denial. Similarly the doctor should be careful in diagnosing children because it leaves a scary impact.The hearing problem or loss might occur due to many reasons. The most common causes are.

Hearing loss

Age: As you grow older, you might face age-related aural plus or loss. Any gradual change that might happen in the inner ear will cause damage to the ear. This might result in mild or severe loss of hearing. Not much can be done when the loss of hearing take place due to old age.Noise: Over time, noise-induced hearing problems might occur due to the surrounding noise. Noise can range from loud rock music to the noise the lawnmower makes. Such loud noises will cause harm to the inner structure of the ear which would result in damage to your hearing capability.Other causes: Other problems that will damage your hearing are injury to the ear, or damaged ear-drum, a foreign object in the ear and many more reasons. The damage to the ear depends on the severity of the condition or cause.

Here the symptoms of hearing trouble or loss:Not able to understand what people are saying clearly, especially with background noise You feel as if your ear is plugged and your hearing is constantly muffled.You have to listen to the TV, Radio and mp3 player at a higher volume.Constant depression due to the impeding sense of doom.A constant ringing or buzzing sound in the ear that nobody else can hear. This symptom is called tinnitus.Your ear constantly hurts and itches.You feel as if your surroundings are spinning.If you are facing more than two of the above symptoms, then you should have your ear checked by the ENT doctor or the audiologist. Hearing problems can be treated by medicine or even with digital hearing aids. It is important to first diagnose the root cause of the hearing problem, then only can the patient find a viable solution.